Program notesfor Rob Waring's "Baby Carriage Fantasy"

Two months before I began working on thispiece, my daughter Inga was born.  I became fascinated by the question:What is she experiencing now?  I noticed that she could become absorbedby things that I would not even have noticed, and I tried to imagine howshe perceived sensory impressions.

She heard an ever-changing stream of soundswithout seeing what had caused them.  She got transported about withoutknowing it, and woke suddenly, in a new place, met by sounds that she hadnever heard the likes of.  For a person without references, associations,and previous experiences, the concrete sounds of the everyday world mustbe totally abstract - disconnected from cause, effect, and function.

What did she focus her attention on ina cacophony of strange, new sounds?  What did she perceive as foregroundand background in the total sound picture?  How did the world of soundget transformed by her imagination?

These thoughts and questions form the basisfor this piece.  The raw material consists of recordings done by 3youths from Oslo who participated in a project called "Breaking the SoundBarrier" in 1996.  I asked them to record sounds from their localenvironments, as well as  church bells.  In some cases, I haveprocessed the sounds so drastically that they have totally changed characterand new, unfamiliar sounds have been created.  In other cases, thesounds are used in their original form, but are placed in unusual juxtapositionswith other sounds.  I have also tried to create soundscapes whichcould almost have been real.

"Baby Carriage Fantasy" was commissionedby the Ultima International Festival of Contemporary Music and first performed in the Oslo Concert Hall on 20. October, 1996. The piece was created on my home computer using software from the Composers'Desktop Project, and mixed at NOTAMwith Øyvind Hammer's MIX program.