"Dagbladet", 23rd of  October, 2001

The follow-up to 1992's "Secret Red Thread" has finally, and fortunately, arrived.

For many years, Rob Waring has been the vibraphone's premier exponent in Norwegian jazz/ contemporary music.  Here, in tight but flowing chamber music-making with bassist Carl Morten Iversen and drummer Frank Jakobsen, he utilizes the instrument's total timbral palette in a selection of his own compositions, plus three by Jon Balke and one by Håkon Hartberg.  With Gary Burtonish authority, he improvises virtuosically, swings when it's called for, and contributes great dynamic and harmonic depth to the music.  Iversen and Jakobsen absolutely take their share of responsibility for the successful interaction here.  Solveig Slettahjell gives parts of the repertoire a vocal dimension, both with and without lyrics, as exemplified in the beautiful "This Is The Movie" by Balke/ Sidsel Endresen.  A solid collection of great musical value.

Terje Mosnes