"Aftenposten", 18th of September, 2001

Rob Waring Trio:
(Resonant Music - Musikklosen)

    «The playing producer» Terje Gewelt was proud - for good reason - when his label Resonant Music presented to new albums at Blå Jazz Club. Nine years have passed since the release of Knut Riisnæs' last album...

    ...Ten years have also gone into jazz history since the vibraphonist Rob Waring last entered the studio with bassist Carl Morten Iversen and drummer Frank Jakobsen. That is when they recorded «Secret Red Thread» on the Odin record label. The dew-fresh CD «Synchronize Your Watches» is good proof that these three eminent musicians most definitely have not tired of each other. Dynamical is an adjective which comes to mind when this album is to be characterized.

    Rob Waring has played with a slew of different combos since he appeared on the Norwegian jazz scene in the early '80s. As early as 1982 he found himself in the recording studio with, among others, the oboist Brynjar Hoff in guitarist Erik Wøllo's group. The young Waring was also on the stand when Chet Baker gave his legendary concert for a dozen privileged audience members at the Emma Hjorth rehabilitation home in Bærum in the mid '80s.

    The singer Solveig Slettahjell also participates on «Synchronize». She is one of the many fast-growing shoots on the young Norwegian vocal tree.  In Jon Balke/Sidsel Endresen's «This is the Movie» Slettahjell confirms her ability to interpret demanding lyrics with great presence and nerve, but for the most part her voice has an instrumental role, with fine effect in a number of themes.  At the same time, she should be wary here of the danger of appearing somewhat monotonous.

    With these two productions, Resonant Music confirms its position as a small label that inspires great joy.

Stein Kagge