"Dagsavisen", 16th of September, 2001

    ...Ten years have passed since the trio Rob Waring, Carl Morten Iversen and Frank Jakobsen released the CD «Secret Red Thread» (Odin). Now «Synchronize Your Watches», with Solveig Slettahjell as guest soloist, is here. One could also call Jon Balke a guest, whose title track from the first Oslo 13 album, "Off Balance", is performed here. And if you think you recognize Jon Balke/Sidsel Endresen's «This Is The Movie», you are right. Sidsel sings it herself with her own band on «So I Write» (1990). The vocalist Solveig Slettahjell does the song justice in this version by the trio. She is also beautiful on «Finder», from the collaboration she had with Håkon Hartberg.

    With the exception of Balke's «Rob Roy», the rest is written by Rob Waring, a world-class vibraphonist who, with his American background, sounds at least as "European". The last track, «Deadline», is one of my favorites. This is a band that can swing, and I like it best when they let loose and demonstrate precisely that, no matter how "weird" the tunes sound. Frank Jakobsen is just as distinct and clear, whether using brushes or doing heavier drumming, and Carl Morten Ivsersen, who with this has been on three records so far this year, delivers outstanding bass-playing.

Roald Helgheim